What is Boot Squad?

Boot Squad is Boot Campaign’s nationwide volunteer program. Our volunteers are the driving force that makes fulfilling our mission possible – providing the manpower at events and lending their talents to ensure we’re able to assist military families in need. Boot Squad provides an opportunity to give back to the men and women who protect our great country. Here are a few ways Boot Squad members can serve those who serve all of us!

Stay Informed

Boot Squad members get exclusive news and access to private social media forums, including email updates, volunteer opportunities, surveys and stories of how Boot Campaign is making a difference in the lives of America’s heroes. Being “in-the-know” is an easy way to be part of the Boot Campaign family.

Volunteer Your Time or Talent

We need YOU to make fundraisers benefitting Boot Campaign successful, as well as help us keep Boot Campaign operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. Boot Squad volunteers will have access to our closed Boot Squad Facebook Group and Boot Squad Tool Kit, volunteer opportunities, a discount at our Boot Campaign online store, internship opportunities and may be able to travel as a Boot Campaign representative.

For assistance in volunteering with Boot Campaign, please email volunteer@bootcampaign.org


Boot Campaign has a growing list of fundraisers taking place all across this great nation. Though we need volunteers to serve at these fundraisers and events, we LOVE when our volunteers host their own – turn your birthday party, family gathering, or backyard barbecue into a fundraiser! As a fundraiser for Boot Campaign, you will receive support from our team, access to our Fundraising Tool Kit and digital materials, and possibly even additional volunteers to help make your event an even greater success.