When They Come Back, We Give Back, Then They Give Back….Again!


Years ago a friend of mine told me I had the knack of connecting the dots with people and ideas. I’m not so sure about that but I love a good story about how things come around “full circle.” This is one such story! And oh how I LOVE how this one really does connect the dots and even comes around full-circle, like again and again!

It all started last year at the Boot Run in Nashville. We had a lady show up with her family to participate in the run. We will call her “Anita.” She bought boots for everyone, then took off at the starting line mostly walking in boots due to an injury. Her husband “Nic” went with her and so did her son. Both of which are now deployed. Can you even imagine the two men you love most in life are half-way around the world for a lengthy period of time serving in defense of our freedom at the same time?

So on Father’s day “Nic” sent us a message from Afghanistan. He and his team had just finished a 5K run on their base and it dawned on him we had shirts here at the Boot Campaign which he wanted to wear for the next run. This simple desire of his to support a group of people that’s supported his family on this deployment was palpable. He asked if we could supply him and 25 others in his group with shirts for their next run.

Enter our dear friend Louise Thaxton of Fairway Independent Mortgage, Inc. Louise has been a huge supporter of the Boot Campaign since late 2010. She continues to make a difference for these men and women who provide her with the freedom to be a branch manager and top-producer of mortgage loans, focusing in on assisting military veterans. She uses her resources to give back in a big way by giving a portion of every loan closed (veteran related or not) to veteran causes. Louise is constantly hounding the Boot Campaign to let her do more! We love it! So we called her and asked if she would help underwrite the cost of the shirts for “Nic’s” team. Not only was it an instant YES, but within days a check was on my desk and the shirts, along with other little goodies from the homeland were on their way!

Maybe the stars aligned, or maybe it was just “meant to be” but that box was in “Nic’s” hands just 10 days later. WOW! I love it when a plan works seamlessly from start to finish! The best part is I’ve lost track of who is actually giving back here because the love, appreciation and encouragement on all sides keeps circling around fully and completely!

Louise Thaxton of Fairway Independent Mortgage!