Nashville, TN-(April 1, 2014)-Honest, raw, profound, unprocessed; these are words that have become synonymous with TJ Broscoff, a name that, over the last few years, has risen in rank to join the highest level of songwriting merit among his peers. His latest album, THE BREAK, on BGM Records is filthy rich, chock-full of priceless material that continues to generate a swell of interest throughout the industry. The brand new single “Falling Down” emerged a triple threat last week coming in as the most added single, the highest debut, and deemed the “record to watch” on TRRR (Texas Regional Radio Report). This week, the single has shot up to #39.  “Falling Down” also snagged the highest debut this week on the Texas Music Chart at #42.  Showing the lighter side of Broscoff’s rather darker nature, the debut music video has been unveiled and can be seen at TJ laughs at the surprise about his previously believed untapped comedic side.  “I think people have always considered me the dark figure; always serious, always stern.  What people don’t know is that I love to crack jokes and pull pranks. This is the real me, believe it or not.”

Every now and then, we come across an album that is so incredibly dear and personal to the creator’s heart and soul, that it actually influences the way we, as critics, feel about it as a whole.  THE BREAK is a record that had to be made in order for a person like TJ Broscoff, who has endured the lowest depths of human condition, and who has also overcome, defeated it, and fought to live on another day.” -Music City Encore

The presence that TJ gives in his performance seeps into all aspects of his music, his songs benefitting from the assurance he uses in walking through the life he has resurrected. TJ Broscoff is a true Texas phoenix, and his new album THE BREAK shows that the man has just begun to shake off the ashes and fly.” -The Alternate Root Magazine

This past December, TJ Broscoff left widow, Taya Kyle, and an entire audience in tears when he performed “Ghost Behind The Trigger” at a gala event in Las Vegas. The song, written by TJ Broscoff, Billy O’Rourke and Bill Green, is a tribute to Chris Kyle, the legendary Navy Seal sniper.  The tragic news about Kyle’s death in February 2013 dominated national news, and a major motion picture based on his extraordinary life is currently in pre-production, with Clint Eastwood directing and Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller in starring roles.  On April 15th, TJ Broscoff offers a very special digital only release of “Ghost Behind The Trigger” on iTunes, Amazon and other online retailers. The profits for the song were generously offered in support of Taya Kyle, however Mrs. Kyle has asked that all proceeds instead benefit The Boot Campaign & the ChrisKyleFrog fund, a 501c nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas that encourages Americans to “get their boots on” to show support for our troops coming back from war.  Chris Kyle was always a big advocate for The Boot Campaign and was considered by the organization as their Hero Ambassador. Donations can also be made directly at

TJ’s music continues to find new refuge in the entertainment realm.  Two songs, “Jamie’s Heart” and “Bigger Better Than You,” off his previous record READY TO FLY, will appear in a film slated to premier later this summer.  News about the film’s premier and TJ’s co-adapted Texas-based variety show will be released shortly.