ReBOOT Enrollment

Thank you for reaching out with interest in enrolling in Boot Campaign’s ReBOOT program.  Below you will find our procedure while our program is in its pilot phase, however; in the future we will be opening a candidate portal where veterans will be able to complete an application through our website.  Please follow us on our social media platforms for the announcement of this feature or check back with our website regularly.  Until then, please review the following:

As Boot Campaign does not staff Case Managers, certified care coordinators or medical professionals we pride ourselves with partnering with organizations and experts to ensure the funds we grant are making the most impact possible. Therefore, we do not currently vet or screen applicants for mental health treatment. The candidates who are receiving Boot Campaign support through our program ReBOOT have been screened and approved for treatment from one of our partner facilities. Read more about those partners and ReBOOT here:

If you feel you might be a potential candidate for ReBOOT, I would highly suggest you apply for treatment and go through the screening process at one of our partner treatment facilities. If you are just looking for other supportive services associated with mental health, I would encourage you to reach out to our partner organization Stop Soldier Suicide. Stop Soldier Suicide provides a comprehensive, trusted network of individuals, resources and solutions responsive to the complex needs of Veterans from any generation, capable of anticipating and mitigating suicide risk factors, and able to promote resilience, inspire hope, and encourage personal growth and empowerment for our Veterans and their Families. Contact Stop Soldier Suicide here for more information on their programs and how they may be able to help you at this time.

Once connected with Stop Soldier Suicide, if they believe you would benefit from ReBOOT services they can then make an official referral for treatment screening.

If this does not fit your need, a list of additional Program Partners can be found here.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice, from all of us at Boot Campaign.