Our veterans fought hard for your life.
Now you can help them fight for theirs.

Revolutionary Restoration

We are revolutionizing how veterans receive recovery assistance through ReBOOT: a scientific and holistic veteran treatment program unlike anything this country has ever seen.

ReBOOT is medically based and 100% customized to specifically fit each veteran’s exact needs. This program treats vets from the inside out, top to bottom, restoring them to who they were meant to be. It gives them their life back.

How ReBOOT Works

ReBOOT uses four phases to attack the underlying cause of a veteran’s issues.

Phase 1 – Baseline Assessment

Phase one is a complete diagnostic workup on the vet’s body and brain, conducted by some of the world’s leading medical experts and institutes.

Phase 2 – Treatment

If needed, vets receive customized mental and psychological therapies. Each and every treatment is unique and individually tailored.

Phase 3 – Training

Intense physical training and strict nutrition requirements get the veteran’s body in the best condition possible. Pushing physical limitations can help transform all other areas of life.

Phase 4 – Follow-up Assessment

One last assessment is taken to ensure vets are ready to be home, where a local partnership organization can help continue their restoration.

Donate to ReBOOT

If you want your dollars to make a real change in someone who has made a sacrifice for you, here is your chance. You can become a defining mark of this generation in how we care for those who have served our country.

Initial Assessment: $5,000
Average Program Cost: $30,000
Changing a veteran’s life: Unmeasurable

There is no other way to say this: ReBOOT is life changing. We are revolutionizing how veterans receive recovery assistance. But we can’t do this without the help of every American.

Restore. Reclaim. Restart. ReBOOT.

We’re giving quality of life back to America’s veterans in need.

You aren’t fighting this next battle alone. In the near future, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for the program and scholarships will be available for qualified candidates.

Medical Partners

Medical research fuels our mission to advance veteran treatment

We are on the leading edge of traumatic brain injury (TBI) research. And with the help of our medical partners, we will continue toward reaching more breakthroughs. To date, there is no cure for TBI. But someday there will be, and we want to be there when it happens.

Funding Partners

Medical research fuels our mission to advance veteran treatment

Collaborate with passionate, like-minded funding partners is key to the success of ReBOOT. If you are interested in becoming part of the generous group of donors, please contact our team at