Pushups For Charity


Pushups For Charity is Boot Campaign’s annual fundraising initiative that raises awareness of the challenges military service members and veterans face, and raises money to support their unique needs. This year, our goal is to reward more than 500 grants to support Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury; veteran housing assistance; career and education; and financial assistance to more deserving hero families. You can make a difference just by doing pushups! The PUC 2016 challenge kicks off on Armed Forces Day, May 21,  and runs until Veterans Day, November 11. Join us to help change a life in 90 seconds.


CLICK HERE to find a Pushups For Charity event in your area.


How do I find an event near me?

We have two options:

• Go to the http://www.bootcampaign.org/puc-2016-locations/ to view a map and list of locations

• Use the MeetUp app to find a team near you. Log in or create a FREE MeetUp account, then search for a Pushups For Charity event within a radius of your zip code. Not all captains use MeetUp – check PushupsForCharity.com for a complete list.

What's the difference in being a “captain” and joining a team?

Captains purchase the host package and have access to training and marketing materials, set up the fundraising page for his/her team, receive PUC t-shirts, lead event promotions, and share these assets as needed with their team.

Individuals joining a team can attend an event hosted by a captain or participate virtually. In either case, team members fundraise for the team, share the fundraiser via social media, and join our #IPushFor social media campaign.

Do I need a specific location to host an event?

Not at all. That’s the beauty of PUC – there are many ways to get involved. You can start your own team anywhere, join a local team in-person or virtually, or fundraise and push on your own!

Can I get a Boot Campaign Hero Ambassador at my event?

With over 200 events taking place this year, we may not have a representative in your area, but we’re happy to check. Please note that requesting a Hero Ambassador or BC rep will incur expenses, so please be prepared to cover all travel and lodging. These cannot be paid for with proceeds from your event.

Can I buy more t-shirts?

Extra t-shirts can be purchased through the Boot Campaign retail store, either individually or five for $100. All proceeds support Pushups For Charity.

How does PUC fundraising work?

We provide guidelines and tools to help, you choose what works for YOU. Here are some examples:

• Secure event sponsorships from local businesses. A local sponsorship deck is located in the Captains Took Kit.
Collect donations to support your overall efforts. “Sponsor me at $25, $50, or $75 to do as many pushups as I can in 90 seconds.”

• Invite people to pledge a certain amount per pushup. “Pledge $1 per pushup I complete.”

• Sell t-shirts and other merchandise. An event lead package is available at the wholesale cost of $50. You can sell the koozies, bracelets, and dog tags for $3 to $5 each.

*The possibilities are endless, so be creative!

Where do I send the money I collect?

We encourage donations to be made through your Crowdrise page, but some people may
donate by cash or check. Please send ALL money you collect to the below address. Be SURE to put the full event name (State, City: Event Name) in the memo section of each check so that your money is credited to the correct event. Please do not send cash, instead use a cashier’s check, money order, or personal check.

Boot Campaign
Attn: Pushups for Charity
5755 Eagles Nest Blvd. Building 4 Suite 2
Tyler, TX 75703

Is there someone I can speak with regarding PUC questions?

YES! We have a team dedicated to making your event successful. Please email us at PUC@BootCampaign.Org.