PUSH (Formerly Pushups for Charity)


PUSH is a nationwide effort to challenge civilians to awaken their inner patriot by doing something physical to support our military! PUSH will kick off May 21st and end on November 11th, Veterans day.

Join by registering for a Boot Campaign PUSH event or by PUSHing on your own, however, whenever you want! We have 2 official event locations this year with more to come in 2018. 5K PUSHES will be hosted in the DFW area this summer and Livermore, California on November 10th! All proceeds will benefit Boot Campaign and the ReBOOT program, providing treatment for our military veterans struggling with PTSD, TBI, chronic pain, addiction and more.

*If you would like to hear more about virtual participation, click here to get on our PUSH email list and we will send you more info as it becomes available. We would love your help in supporting our veterans and their families!*

Want to host your own PUSH event? We want to hear about it! Shoot us an email at push@bootcampaign.org

Who do you PUSH for?

Boot Campaign asks you to Get Your Boots On and PUSH in honor of a veteran or active duty service person. If you do not know someone personally, you can PUSH on behalf of the veterans with PTSD that we serve here at Veteran Ambassadors.

Boot Campaign is a Guidestar recognized 501c3 charity that runs ReBOOT, a program that provides a holistic approach to treatment of combat related PTSD. We work with world-renowned hospitals and physicians to provide elite care to military veterans who have served in any war.

Special Thanks to Mike’s Hard Lemonade for making PUSH 2017 possible!