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The Story

Patriot League is an inspiring, kid-centered program administered by Boot Campaign, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on supporting America’s military families. It originally began as a letter-writing campaign for elementary students to support our troops, and has evolved into a robust educational initiative with it’s own mission: to promote patriotism and community service among America’s youth through customizable fun and creative activities. It’s completely free for teachers, home school educators, PTA programs, civic leaders, and club directors to become “Program Captains” and bring Patriot League to kids in their communities.

Patriot League even has an incredible Celebrity Ambassador: Atticus Shaffer, who plays “Brick” on ABC’s “The Middle.”

The Patriot League lesson plans are 100% optional and customizable and developed by certified teachers in conjunction with Boot Campaign’s programs team. There are also several free activities to choose from if your group prefers. All materials are meant to be supplementary and designed to change to meet your style, standards, and goals. The result is a fresh, fun way to enhance students’ knowledge of our military and what it means to be a patriot, while giving kids the confidence to be philanthropic at every age.

The “Freedom Bracelet” started it all. Students are welcome to create (or purchase) and sell any item of their choice, as part of the optional Patriot League fundraising effort. Our experience shows us that students LOVE wearing their own “Freedom Bracelet” and selling them to friends and family as a tangible reminder of their direct support and Patriotism. Patriot League fundraising efforts will directly support financial assistance grants to military families through Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund. Easy peasy, fun, and HUGE impact!

*Fundraising is 100% optional for all Patriot League participants and can be initiated at your discretion.