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Every educator knows that lessons in a group setting become lessons in life once they are applied out in the real world. That is why we have the Patriot League  fundraising option available.  Upon learning about patriotism and civic responsibility, young patriots have the option of creating/selling bracelets to raise funds to support Boot Campaign’s mission of promoting PATRIOTISM, raising AWARENESS of the challenges faced by our military service members and their families and providing ASSISTANCE  to all generations of heroes to overcome those challenges. Fundraising is encouraged by classrooms, Student Councils, Parent / Teacher Organizations, Girl / Boy Scouts, or any other group that would like to make a difference and show their support to our military heroes.

It’s super easy to start your Patriot League fundraiser today!

1. REGISTER as a Patriot League participating group.
2. Get approval from your administration, if needed. (Letter To Your Administration).
3. CREATE your fundraising page on our fundraising platform, Classy!
4. Download the materials linked below and use to make your fundraiser a success!
5. Receive updates and articles to share with your class, school and community on how YOUR efforts contributed to fulfilling the Boot Campaign mission and impacting the lives of military families all over the world!

Fundraising Materials FOUND HERE and Include (you must be registered to access):
• Letter to Parent or Guardian and Donation Record Sheet
• Offline Donation Verification Sheet
• Fundraising Tips and Best Practices
• Purchasing Bracelets 4 Fundraiser
• Rubberband Bracelet Instructions
• Much More!