Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Patriot League?

Boot Campaign’s Patriot League is an inspiring, kidcentered, activitybased program that promotes patriotism and community service among America’s youth through customizable fun and creative activities. It’s completely free for teachers, home school educators, PTA programs, civic leaders, and club directors to become “Program Captains” and bring Patriot League to kids in their communities.

Teachers, home school educators, civic leaders, and club directors can become Program Captains, bringing Patriot League to kids in their communities. Atticus Shaffer and VH1 Save the Music have joined forces with Boot Campaign to bring awareness to the mission and help spark patriotism across the nation. Patriot League is created to fit your group’s goals, style, and standardsYou can go as big, or small, as your comfort level. 

Q: How do I know if Patriot League is right for my school, youth group, or other organization?

If you have an extra 10 minutes to a few hours, per school year, you can absolutely work Patriot League into your plans. We provide all the resources you need to promote patriotism, including quick activity packets, lesson plans you can modify to fit your school’s standards, downloadable and printable materials, access to special videos and the official PL song, a community forum, optional fundraising platform and materials, and much more!

Q: How do I get started?

It’s easy. Visit (chances are, you already have since you’re reading this document). Click on “Join Patriot League” button and complete the quick registration form. If you use a school or organization email to register, please make sure you save “Boot Campaign” to your address book. You might check SPAM from time-to-time, too, just in case our emails get re-routed accidentally.

Q: I’ve registered on What’s next?

You will immediately receive a welcome email from us, with all the info you need to get started. Remember, check SPAM if you don’t see an email from us within a couple hours. The welcome email will include instructions to access all things Patriot League! Take some time to get familiar with the program and all the resources available to you. Whenever you are ready, save any materials you’d like, modify to your standards and style, and spark that patriot in our future leaders of America…your way!

Q: I want my group to participate again in the future. What do I need to do?

Easy peasy. We’ll send all participating “Program Captains” a renewal registration form every year with updated info and materials!

Q: What is “Classy”? If I register to participate in the program, does my group have to fundraise?

Classy is a traditional fundraising platform Boot Campaign uses to make fundraising fun and easy. Any, and everything, you need to adopt the optional fundraising element of Patriot League will be housed under our unique Classy fundraising page (Classy is a traditional fundraising platform Boot Campaign uses to make fundraising fun and easy. Any, and everything, you need to adopt the optional fundraising element of Patriot League will be housed under our unique Classy fundraising page.

Funds raised through Patriot League fundraisers will support the growth and sustainability of the program, as well as Boot Campaign’s mission to Raise Awareness, Promote Patriotism, and Provide Assistance. We’ve granted more than $6M to individuals and military organizations since the beginning and look forward to giving back so much more with your help!

**Remember, creating a Classy fundraiser is up to each individual participant. **You are NOT required to fundraise if you register to participate in the Patriot League program. We keep all the program resources available under

Q: What’s the deal with the “Patriot League Bracelets”? Where can I purchase them?

The concept of the Patriot League bracelets, or “Freedom Bracelets,” is threefold:
1) They are a fun, tangible way to display patriotism
2) You can adopt the lesson plan that goes along with the bracelets, and/or
3) You can consider adopting the lesson plan/fundraiser combo and empower your young patriots to go out and raise awareness and funds to support the mission.

Regardless of how you incorporate the “Freedom Bracelets” they are meant to be a tangible reminder that we, as Americans, support our military families and are true patriots.

To purchase the custom silicon Patriot League Bracelets visit: leaguebraceletpack.

To purchase Patriot League Camo Bracelets visit: 

Or, you can purchase the rubber band materials and create rubberband bracelets in your classroom. It’s totally up to you! They are all super cool! 

Q: Where do I find information about the optional fundraising element?

You will find all the resources you need at Click on the “Optional Fundraising Tools” button for all the details you need to get started with your fundraiser, including instructions on creating a unique Patriot League Classy page! 

Q: What if our family and friends wish to do more to support the Boot Campaign and Patriot League mission?

First, you should encourage them to visit your team’s Classy fundraising page and make an online donation with their major debit/credit card. Make sure you include the link to your team’s Classy page on the Parent/Guardian Letter template we’ve provided, before sending materials home with your kidsSecond, you can guide friends and family to where they can learn more about our mission, volunteer opportunities, becoming an “I AM BOOT CAMPAIGN” recurring monthly donor, and much more!

Q: What happens if an individual participating in the fundraiser doesn’t return the unsold bracelets and/or money collected through the sale of their bracelets?

We don’t believe this will be an issue if you have given your young patriots all the info, assets, and expectations up front. The letter we’ve provided for the parent/guardian should be sent home with all other fundraising materials. This should help eliminate the potential issue as well. If you do have any issues with this, please contact us at