Event Details

May 07 2016

7am -

Shiner, TX

 It was the late 1970’s when a small group of cyclists in Austin, TX decided to take on a unique challenge and satisfy a desire for their two favorite things… riding bikes and drinking great tasting beer. It was at that moment in time when the Great Austin to Shiner Pedal was born. Throughout the years GASP has evolved into one of the biggest, best bike rides in the state of Texas and beyond while at the same time ensuring the small town feel of its roots are not lost. Get ready to hop and your bike, ride a pretty long way and have a great time. We’ll see you in Shiner!


7:00 AM –> 100 MILE GASP START!

8:00 AM –> 50 MILE GASP START!

9:00 AM –> 25 MILE GASP START!