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Dec 25 2016



THE REASON Boot Campaign is proud to support military families year round through programs that directly align with our mission, including financial assistance for mental and physical health recovery. It is through these efforts, and through connections with other members of the Boot Campaign family, that we meet a number of families struggling to meet basic needs. As you can imagine, providing Christmas gifts is often a challenge for families with financial difficulties, which is why the Santa Boots program was developed. Together, with other patriots, we can relieve some of that holiday stress while showing continued support from our grateful nation.

THE PLAN Santa Boots gifts are collected from patriotic families and businesses from across the country. Items are wrapped and tagged by Boot Campaign Elves, noting the gifts’ donors on the tag, and placed in personalized family boxes. Our goal is to include 20 to 30 gifts per family box.

Each year, veteran and active duty families are nominated by the Boot Campaign network to receive Santa Boots gift packages! Santa Boots boxes are a SURPRISE, delivered just days before Christmas, and feature a heartfelt note of gratitude from Boot Campaign.

ADOPT A FAMILY Adopting one of the selected Santa Boots families is the best way to customize an amazing Christmas experience for our recipients! You will receive a family profile including military service history, number of children, clothing/shoe sizes, and any extras they may have on their Santa wish list, so you can personally shop for their gifts! You’ll mail the unwrapped items to the Santa Boots workshop where our elves will wrap and prepare them for shipping. The cost to adopt a family can vary, in 2015 we spent an average of $50-100 per family member last year on personal items.

SPONSORSHIP & PRODUCT DONATIONS Each Santa Boots package will have multiple WOW and POP kinds of gifts to add to the excitement! We rely on passionate and generous sponsors to help us add “just the right touch,” with big-ticket items the family couldn’t normally afford on their own. In 2015, the big ticket items included an XBOX for every family, Elf on the Shelf kits, customized sunglasses for him, Shelly Brown jewelry for her, and $100 gift cards to Wal-Mart. Sponsorship product donations should start at a total $5K minimum value for the 50 boxes.

DONATE To make our packages radiate excitement, we rely on donations for the “frills.” Shipping, gift wrap, bows, ribbons, and customized tags with donor information are all part of the surprise experience. Donating funds towards these elements provides just the right sparkle!

VOLUNTEER Did you know that elves don’t just live at the North Pole? A lot are situated near Tyler, Texas! But any elf, near or far who wants to be part of Santa Boots is more than welcome! Elves will add personal notes of thanks (can be done from anywhere) while others will join the team in the Tyler workshop. The workshop will wrap gifts for two days in August, September, and October, and there will be multiple times to assist in Santa Boots production in November, including a full week of evenings to add the finishing touches to every family’s box. Shipping will take place the first week of December. The schedule will be set and distributed in July 2016.