Castmates Theo Rossi and Kim Coates of FX’s Sons of Anarchy Partner on PSA Focusing on Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Efforts

 Message Comes on Six Month Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, Reminding the Country That Rebuild Efforts Are Still in Progress 

New York, NY (May 6, 2013)— Stars of the FX Network’s #1 hit show, Sons of Anarchy, are urging Americans to continue support for recovery and rebuilding efforts on Staten Island, NY in the wake of destruction left by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  Theo Rossi and Kim Coates, along with nearly 100 Staten Strong supporters from throughout the tri-state area, are featured in a new PSA for the organization “Staten Strong”. To view the PSA, visit

“We want to let everyone know that our organization is not going anywhere and we are in for the long haul,” said Theo Rossi, Staten Strong Founder and actor on FX’s Sons of Anarchy. “Having fellow cast member and friend, Kim Coates, join and witness the community uniting to help is really what this project is about, that working together we can accomplish anything.”

The Staten Strong PSA was filmed in Washington Square Park and New Dorp Beach, and was produced in partnership with Staten Strong, SGE World Wide and The Boot Campaign.

Founded by a group of Staten Island natives and current residents, including Rossi, Staten Strong has been working since Sandy struck to provide assistance to individuals and families devastated by the storm.  To date, Staten Strong has issued $25,000 in gift cards for emergency relief, and has rebuilt two homes, with a third currently in progress and scheduled for completion in June 2013.

Staten Strong

Staten Strong is a program administered by The Boot Campaign to address the disaster relief needs of Staten Island residents.  Staten Island natives, including those with industry expertise obtained through military service, carry out efforts such as home rehabilitation and other necessary resources in their time of need. Staten Strong is accepting applications for those needing immediate assistance in the tri-state area.  Volunteers will review your application, and grant assistance based on the priority of needs.  To apply for help, please visit


Contact: Meghan McDermott