Melanie Dunham

Starting Over

March 4, 2015

Army veteran Sequoia recently graduated HVAC trade school and was ready to embark on his new career, but financial hardships that occurred during his training were standing in the way of his bright future. Read more »

A Move in the Right Direction

February 26, 2015

John B. and his wife Amber have been through a lot for a couple not even out of their twenties. Thanks to a grant from the Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund, John, Amber and their two little kids were able to keep their lights on and their car in the driveway. Read more »

Transitioning to Success

February 24, 2015

Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund was able to provide a grant to help Jarrett with his monthly living expenses to ease the transition out of the military. Read more »

Weathering the Storm

February 24, 2015

Ben has worked in the civilian sector since his retirement in 1999, and has seen more than his share of housing difficulties. Read more »

Family First

February 24, 2015

The Boot Campaign is honored to provide a grant to Richard, a retired United States Marine, husband and father, to pay outstanding medical bills and provide groceries for his wife and four children. Read more »