Melanie Dunham

In Sickness and in Health

April 23, 2015

Brian H., a retired Marine and current Army Reservist, was lucky to complete his tour in Iraq unharmed, but life took a bit of a turn when his wife injured her shoulder on the job and needed surgery to repair the damage. Read more »

Paying it forward

April 13, 2015

For Marcus H., life doesn’t stop when the going gets tough – it just gets better in different ways. Read more »

Generations of home

April 2, 2015

After 21 years serving his country, Army veteran John retired to Texas with his wife and two kids. While his income is enough for them to live modestly, VA benefits are painfully slow to kick in and John found himself falling behind on their mortgage payments. Read more »

Filling the Gap

March 26, 2015

There’s no arguing that the GI Bill has helped hundreds of thousands build a solid foundation for civilian life, but any hiccup in the process can cause lasting financial difficulties for veterans working hard toward their degrees. Read more »

Keeping the Faith

March 19, 2015

Sometimes it can seem like you can’t win for losing. For Army veteran BreAnn, good choices were met with road blocks time after time.Read more »