Melanie Dunham

Making the Transition

June 23, 2015

Army veteran Aaron was medically retired from active duty in June of 2015. As with all job changes, it’ll be a while before he receives…

A New Direction

June 18, 2015

Army veteran Benjamin served our country for four years including a combat deployment to Iraq in 2009. After his discharge, Benjamin and his family settled…

Living to Teach

June 11, 2015

John is an Air Force veteran with a passion for teaching. Unfortunately, a heart attack sidelined his career for more than six months due to…


June 5, 2015

Jeff has spent 15 years serving his country. A 2003 deployment to Iraq left him struggling with PTSD, and now seven-year-old son is facing a medical crisis. It’s been a struggle for them to get back on their feet; they needed a hand to get over the last bump in this road. Read more »

Restoring Joy

May 28, 2015

Corporations downsize all the time, but our nation’s armed forces suffer layoffs as well. Christopher was discharged from the Air Force after nine years of service, right about the time he discovered his new baby needed a corrective helmet. Read more »