Jaime Smith

West Texas-native Jaime Smith has loyalty down to a tee: her husband just so happens to be the same one she called “boyfriend” beginning in third grade, and the self-proclaimed people person has been a licensed practical nurse for more than a decade. As the wife of an active duty Army soldier, Jaime understands the many roles that come with being a military family – she and her husband have two kids – and with 19 deployments under their belts, she admits she’s frequently serving as the mom, dad, coach, and friend. After a fortunate meeting with Boot Campaign in spring of 2015, Jaime joined the BC family to coordinate assistance grants for families facing the all-too-familiar challenges that come with living the military life. Jaime signed on as Boot Campaign’s Programs Coordinator in 2016 and also oversees the Hero Ambassador initiative.

Meg Jones

JMeg, as she’s lovingly called by the Boot Campaign staff, is truly a jack-of-all-trades. The Georgia-native has a degree in Early Childhood Education and an abundance of experience managing humans of all ages. Before joining the BC team, Meg worked for the Armed Forces Foundation where, among other tasks, she managed a nationwide Veterans Day program for children and provided oversight to a specialized elementary-aged counseling program. In her current role as a program coordinator for BC’s Military Recovery Fund, Meg uses her people skills and deep-seated knowledge military culture to guide applicants through the assistance process. When she’s not changing lives and touching hearts, Meg loves to paint, soak up the outdoors, and spend time with her husband Joey, Boot Campaign’s COO, and their two admittedly spoiled pups.

Theo Rossi

The character Theo plays on the hit FX show Sons of Anarchy – Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz — no-doubt would have at least one pair of combat boots in his closet if the camera panned over that way. Behind that steely gaze of the camera, Theo’s involvement in the Boot Campaign is more than just for show. Theo wears Boot Campaign boots off the set, often tweeting/commenting about them when out and about town. He is one of Boot Campaign’s most consistent and involved celebrity supporters as proof of the fact he remains involved with the BC all year long across both shores of the US!

Rossi Morreale

One of People Magazine’s 2003 “sexiest men alive” and current host of the TV series American Airgunner, Rossi LOVES the Boot Campaign!  Can you hear us squealing?  Truth is, he is such a fan of the Boot Campaign we’re not sure who is the most excited about this enduring friendship!  Rossi has worn many “boots” (and we confess, he looks really amazing in every one of them), taking on many public and behind the scene roles for us from hosting events live on stage or in the comfort of his own home welcoming the BC team and providing some training in public speaking.  Rossi’s investment in Boot Campaign is longstanding as his work includes emcee for every Boot Ride and hosting the Boot Girls on an episode of American Airgunner, the first show of its kind that features air guns.  His lengthy career in television and love for fast cars, bikes, machines and sports, not to mention his southern roots; hailing from Arkansas, are a formula that uniquely and appropriately suits him for his work with the Boot Campaign.

Leeann Tweeden

Her professional accolades are too numerous to list in addition to her impressive television career including co-host of the famed The Best Damn Sports Show Period. But our personal favorites are her feature on the cover of Military Spouse Magazine and two appearances in the highly sought after Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition!  We have a legitimate pin up girl as an Ambassador!  WOO!  Leeann has also completed a striking record of sixteen USO tours traveling around the world including fourteen visits to Iraq and Afghanistan.  She found Boot Campaign…well she’s always been part of Boot Campaign.  She thinks she found us on Twitter but we think she is sort of like OUR gift with her first boot purchase!  When reminiscing about those first few years of BC, she snickers and says “weren’t y’all always my friends?” She readily admits she loves Instagram and Twitter and has found many of her dear friends there, including Boot Campaign.  Leeann proudly wears the signature silver-boot dog tag from the Boot Campaign in honor of her military serving husband who just completed his twelfth deployment!  Leeann’s involvement with the Boot Campaign grew from a celebrity boot shoot in 2011 to supporting and co-hosting numerous Boot Rides, Emcee of the Boot Brawl (2014) and posting photos of our boots on her personal socials practically every day!

Randy Couture

Mixed Martial Arts and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) icon Randy Couture is more than just an athlete; the six-time World Champion and Hall of Famer is a successful businessman, author, actor and retired Army soldier. His career in martial arts and extreme fighting began during his service, where he took up boxing to offset standard military physical training. After leaving the Army, he worked as an assistant wrestling and strength coach at Oregon State University, and then entered the world of professional fighting in 1997, winning the Heavyweight division at his first appearance in the UFC. From there it was a long list of victories, ultimately leading to his UFC Hall of Fame induction in 2006. After a brief retirement, he recaptured the Heavyweight belt to become the first man in UFC history to win titles in two different weight classes.

Today, Couture divides his time among his business ventures and acting roles, adding in support for the Boot Campaign whenever possible. Among his professional pursuits are a chain of gyms, a clothing line, a supplement company and his own military-focused foundation, all under the Xtreme Couture brand. Couture lives in Las Vegas and prefers his hobbies like the rest of his life: Xtreme.

Granger Smith

Granger earned the distinguished award of going the farthest in combat boots without being enlisted with over 400 miles logged as of April 2014.  He is now been a supporter of the BC for YEARS,  organizing his own hundred mile support walk for the Boot Campaign, raising upward of $50,000 and a boat-load of awareness to every motorcycle, car, truck and big rig that passed him on the road. He’s well acquainted with the terrain between Austin and Ft. Hood and while his feet may be dog tired he can still carry a tune at the end performing some of his signature country music numbers for the troops gathered at the finish line.  Perhaps its his Aggie spirit and his love for a really good “ditty” that inspires him to boot scoot in the combats while serenading defenders of our freedom Texas Country style!

Todd Poulson

Todd’s love and appreciation for military has been with him practically his whole life!  In fact, as a senior in high school he was the recipient of a congressional appointment to attend West Point Military Academy. Due to government budget cuts he was not able to attend so Todd went on to college never letting go of the dream to one day serve. Decades later he discovered Boot Campaign through a documentary about veteran homelessness and PTSD called Battlefield of the Mind, which credited Boot Campaign for its groundbreaking work in urgent assistance. You could say what completely sold Todd on the Boot Campaign was knowing not one, but TWO of the Boot Girls shared his affinity for the “POKES” as in Oklahoma State University “cowpokes”, but the truth is he found in Boot Campaign a way to realize his dream of serving military.  Todd is President and Co-Owner of Integrated Petroleum Technologies, Inc., and uses his influence in the oil and gas industry to promote patriotism and show gratitude for those who serve.

David Ranslem

David is a savvy trading partner for Irish Exchange LP, a natural gas hedge fund based in Houston, TX…..BUT… his claim to fame could be his marriage to one of the Original Boot Girls, Leigh Ann! We think it’s also due to his love for having fun and making a difference, that he can often be found at BC events staying until the last light is turned off and everyone is headed home. David has the longest history with the Boot Campaign being there the day we created what was then just an idea. Now,since we rely heavily on donations we are thrilled to have a “numbers” guy in our hip pocket to providing advisement and accountability to the details of our operations.

Scott O’Neal

It’s hard to think of beverage distribution without feeling a sense of a party coming on! Scott’s company, Keg1 Distributors has done more than bring the party to the Boot Campaign. His business prowess makes what he does look seamless although he has a fleet of numerous trucks delivering product on a daily basis. Scott’s involvement with the Boot Campaign began when he challenged his partners to wrap their trucks in something more than beverage logos. Over the course of several years, Boot Campaign fans all across the US have had the pleasure of seeing 18-wheelers rolling down the highways and byways,wrapped with military support organization logos including the Boot Campaign.

Guy Land

Principal Architect and Owner of Guy M Land Designer, Incorporated. Guy currently lives in Nashville but maintains connection to his deep Houston roots, where he first started his corporation. In Nashville, he’s known as “the guy” for home designs for famous clients like Trace Adkins, Alan Jackson, etc. His involvement with the Boot Campaign includes his wild and successful launch of BC’s first Fashion Show held in Nashville in August 2011, which followed with annual events in Nashville that ranged from fashion to music to running!  Guy is loved and adored by the Boot Campaign staff for his insane sense of humor and willingness to draw up plans for any event we dream up for Nashville audiences.

Sean Greeley

a.k.a “Mr Systems” of Net Profit Explosion, is a fitness marketing firm. Sean is a standout fitness industry marvel. In three years he built a fitness program which included over 600 clients. He is recognized as one of the Nation’s Top 10 Personal Trainers. He also developed a network of associated gyms through NPE that raises charity funds every year through his event known as Push Ups for Charity. Sean is one of BC’s favorite involvement stories because his initial contact came simply through sending a generic inquiry expressing a desire to “do more”. His commitment resulted in making Boot Campaign the beneficiary of his Push Ups for Charity event which over the course of several years has raised over half a million dollars and is pushing toward a million in a very short order!

Stewart Hunter

If you had told Stewart Hunter 20 years ago he would be the head of Benchmark, a large mortgage lending company which he started with his friends, he would have replied “why didn’t you tell me sooner?”  Realizing the American dream of owning his own business with his friends, Stewart came to the Boot Campaign by nothing other than a recommendation from a friend.  He jumped right in with both feet, arms, legs and torso, not to mention boots.  Multiple pairs of boots!  His business savvy, knowledge of financial markets and love for military causes ended up in the creation of one of Boot Campaign’s most loved events: Bootn & Shootn.  But we think it’s his mad dance skillz and love for a great celebration that keep the party element infused into the more serious daily operation of servicing wounded military.

Lyle Eastham

Lyle is the epitome of resourceful! At least the Boot Girls feel that way about him. He has been a supporter of BC practically from day one. While working out at his gym, he over heard Leigh Ann and Heather discussing their need to find a plane to bring in Glenn Beck for an event. Did we say we love how resourceful he is? With very little introduction, he supplied the plane needed and from there became part of BC roots! Lyle owns Eastham Enterprises and an aviation company. He can be credited for being the first company to launch a Boot Campaign corporate order program, outfitting his entire workforce in boots!

Louise Thaxton

We like to call Louise our original Grassroots Boot Girl!  As an owner of three Fairway Mortgage Branches, her businesses are situated right between the two military bases in the state of Louisiana which she visits frequently, wearing her boots.  After her first purchase of boots back in late 2010, she made a personal commitment to purchase a pair of boots every day she celebrated freedom in 2011.  She purchased 16 pair right off the bat for her grandchildren, and ended up that first year purchasing well over 365 pair.  Louise’s passion for freedom and knack for influencing others makes it nearly impossible to be with her and not get boots ON!  She has infused her passion of love and support Boot Campaign into every aspect of her life, using her speaking engagements with Sales Mastery as a way to show she means business!  That act alone helped make it possible for the Boot Campaign to develop its own assistance program Heroes 2 Homeowners which assists qualifying military with home repair, improvements, and some mortgage free home giveaways each year.

Steven Foster

by day, he is a motivational speaker with his company Foster+Fathom, training Fortune 100 professionals how to be; well, professional! By night or by weekend, or by summer Steven Foster is known for jumping on his Harley with his BOOTS ON; purposely talking to veterans wherever he goes. In the summer of 2013 he embarked on a 32 day, 34-state, 13,000-mile road trip along the entire perimeter of the United States, withstanding wicked thunderstorms, searing heat, a mountain wildfire and the inevitable deluge of assorted bugs; all for the purpose of raising awareness of the Boot Campaign. Steven’s continued acts of patriotism far exceeds his encouraging and motivational words, by modeling what he believes in his everyday actions both on the stage in training sessions and when touring the open road.

John Billheimer

When John walks into a room it’s like a breath of fresh air!  No, really! As the founder of a company that provides heating and cooling solutions in the San Francisco Bay area, he knows a thing or two about air quality.  For the Boot Campaign he is the one person who makes you feel welcome and important the minute you come in the room. Among his amazing list of volunteer credentials in the private, public and political communities, John and his wife Corrine are avid supporters of family services especially for the military which is what brought him to the Boot Campaign.  John’s compassion toward those who are suffering and his generosity to ensure events and programs stay true to the Boot Campaign mission are just a few of the reasons his leadership is instrumental.

Bill Hart

With a last name like that, you know for sure he is very generous!  Bill is one of Boot Campaign’s original followers, fans and purchaser of boots.  As a matter of fact, people still credit him for their boot purchases online more than four years after learning about the Boot Campaign!   He is a gifted speaker and avid supporter of military which made wearing boots the natural fit for Bill.  Not only does he have the knack for coaching others in personal career development as an Executive Coach for Building Champions, but he is one of our first supporters to Emcee several original Boot Campaign events including the famed Boot Ride in Los Angeles.  His work on behalf of the Boot Campaign has brought two of it’s largest and long-term corporate supporters in the mortgage industry; giving credo to his investment smarticles and confirming he is the “man behind the name”.

Taya Kyle

One of the strongest gals you’ll ever meet! Taya came to the Boot Campaign through her husband Chris Kyle, author of NY Times Bestsellers, American Sniper and American Gun. Chris passed away on February 2, 2013 while doing what he loved most: serving those who suffer from war wounds, both mental and physical. The loss was enormous both to Taya, their two children and to the military community as a whole. Her very deep faith in God and her compassion for couples struggling in marriage while serving in the military is how she continues to forge a legacy that began with Chris and her. Her focus in these endeavors led to her working with Boot Campaign to develop a program to provide services in meeting the needs of struggling military couples, known as the Chris Kyle Frog Fund. Her incredible public speaking ability is both powerful and inspirational.

She brings a part of Chris with her wherever she goes.

Lorenzo Lamas

Ok, we admit it, we LOVE to say “Lorenzo Lamas”! It has a certain ring to it!  Truth be told, Lorenzo is one of the few celebrities who, in our minds is the real deal when it comes to caring about others beyond the spotlight of Hollywood.  Aside from his lengthy film and television career, he is an avid motorcyclist and held a professional racing career while forging his acting career.  But it’s his love of assisting others in need, that best speaks the Boot Campaign language.  When Lorenzo first put on his boots, that was all it took for him to embrace their meaning and search out ways to wear them as an expression of gratitude for his freedom in his personal life.  Just like his work to creatively assist needy families and children in crisis by using his pilot’s license to fly children summer camps and treatment centers, Lorenzo continues to emphasize his commitment to Boot Campaign in all manner of creativity. Quite literally he comes up with, and acts upon ideas that are so spot-on! Wait till you see what he has cooking for Boot Campaign this fall 2014!  Did we mention how much we love to say “Lorenzo Lamas”?

Ron Starrantino

You know someone is an amazing sales person when they are well known in the Hollywood community as RonStar! Which is why we shamelessly admit we LOVE working with Ron to Raise Awareness, Promote Patriotism and Provide Assistance to our military!  He could probably sell the dirt under your boots and you’d be totally thrilled with the transaction!  Ron is not afraid to let his patriotism ooze out in a community not always known for “wearing” their patriotism.  But as cool and hip as he is, when he wears his boots, people want to know what he’s up to for the Boot Campaign.  We love to tell people that chivalry is not dead because Ron has opened many doors for the Boot Campaign!  He does it by reaching into his own network of people and igniting the same passion for Boots and support of military within his personal sphere of influence.

Amanda Furrer

She’s our fashion-forward Olympian who can out shoot practically everyone at Bootn’ & Shootn (an event held annually for Boot Campaign at the Dallas Gun Club) while maintaining a second bedroom just for her clothing collection. Amanda was on the US National Shooting Team in the 2012 Olympics taking 15th place overall and is currently training for the 2016 Olympic Games. She discovered the Boot Campaign through a tweet sent out by Joey Jones regarding the Boot Campaign.  Shortly after responding to him, she found herself as the VIP Celebrity for the 2014 Bootn’ & Shootn’ event!  She’s taken an active role the mission of BC by targeting her efforts in reaching a generation of young athletes and twenty-something fitness fans and professionals.  Amanda has a business degree from Ohio State University, with a specialization in Economics. There’s just something magical when we can combine random elements together like business, boots, guns, fitness, Twitter and glitter!  But to find it all wrapped up in one amazing young woman is, in Boot Campaign economy,  the best bang for the buck!

Jon Bonnell

The ingredients are perfect, when talking about Chef Jon Bonnell, Executive Chef and owner of Bonnell’s Restaurant Group and his support of the Boot Campaign.  His incredible sense of humor mixed with his generous heart, combined with his amazing culinary skill serves up some of the funniest and most powerful events Boot Campaign has ever known.  His ability to dish up an event known as the Redneck Triathlon (shootn’, fishin’ and golfin’ – no athletic experience required) which combines raising awareness, promoting patriotism and providing assistance is beyond brilliant, it’s hilarious!  Not only did he and his friends come up with the crazy hair-brained idea to host the event on their own ranch outside of Fort Worth but it brought together business professionals with retired, active duty and wounded military as teams fight for the coveted Chris Kyle 1st Place Trophy.  The event ends with a mouth-watering savory meal created by Chef Bonnell using his culinary skills he learned at the New England Culinary Institute and perfected using cuisine of the southwest.  Though most of what happens when Jon is around is fun and games, we are serious when we tell you “that was the best dang food we ever ate”!  Our mouths water months before any Boot Campaign event where Jon has volunteered his spatula to help support the mission.

Amy Sale

gotta love a girl whose last name is SALE! Its sooo apropo for her line of work!  From the infancy of Boot Campaign, Amy’s been involved, blinging up the Boot Girls and supporters with her unique one-of-a-kind jewelry designs.   She consistently delivers high quality products for specialty events such as our Lone Survivor Movie Launch in 2014 and sponsored several Boot Campaign events in the Nashville area including the first ever Boots ON! Fashion Show in 2011, Boot Run Nashville in 2012 & 2013.  Through the sale of her jewelry line Bella Honor, Amy has consistently donated a portion of her personal jewelry proceeds back to the Boot Campaign, making her the best SALE we’ve ever had!

Caitlin Stone

Caitlin Stone has been supporting Boot Campaign from behind the scenes for a few years now, which is right up this music industry pro’s alley. A music manager for Zac Brown Band and Clare Bowen, she makes magic happen on-stage and in front of the camera, without spending much time in the spotlight herself. The University of Alabama grad toured full time with Zac Brown Band for a solid three years, during which time she met Boot Campaign’s own Sherri Reuland. It wasn’t long before she was introduced to Marcus and Melanie Luttrell and Boot Campaign’s Joey Jones, further solidifying her connection to BC. Caitlin got her boots on 2013 and has been getting more involved ever since, realizing she’s meant to work alongside these true patriots. She shares the BC mission with everyone she meets, including the heavy-hitters in the country music and NASCAR scenes, and is ready to go above and beyond to support the Boot Campaign and our military community.