May 2015

Restoring Joy

May 28, 2015

Corporations downsize all the time, but our nation’s armed forces suffer layoffs as well. Christopher was discharged from the Air Force after nine years of service, right about the time he discovered his new baby needed a corrective helmet. Read more »

Help for Better Health

May 19, 2015

Nine years into his Army career, while deployed to Iraq, Justin was injured by a remote-detonated IED. A few months ago, he began suffering from episodes of severe pressure headaches and tunnel vision. Read more »

Head of the class

May 15, 2015

After serving honorably in the Marines and deploying to Afghanistan, Zach returned home and reintegrated into the civilian community. He’s pursuing his degree while working full time to meet the needs of his family, but his benefits have stopped and he can’t pay his tuition.
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Keep On Moving

May 6, 2015

Billy is a 50% disabled veteran who suffered a back injury while serving in the Army. He didn’t need much, he just needed reliable transportation to keep up with his responsibilities.
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