February 2015


February 2, 2015

With the recent release of “American Sniper,” thousands of people have been awakened to the very real battle military families face at home before, during…

A Move in the Right Direction

February 26, 2015

John B. and his wife Amber have been through a lot for a couple not even out of their twenties. Thanks to a grant from the Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund, John, Amber and their two little kids were able to keep their lights on and their car in the driveway. Read more »

Transitioning to Success

February 24, 2015

Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund was able to provide a grant to help Jarrett with his monthly living expenses to ease the transition out of the military. Read more »

Weathering the Storm

February 24, 2015

Ben has worked in the civilian sector since his retirement in 1999, and has seen more than his share of housing difficulties. Read more »

Family First

February 24, 2015

The Boot Campaign is honored to provide a grant to Richard, a retired United States Marine, husband and father, to pay outstanding medical bills and provide groceries for his wife and four children. Read more »